If you’ve got a small business and want to ensure everyone knows about it, you need to advertise your company. Small business owners must have a presence online so that other firms can easily find information about them. They need to be able to talk with customers quickly and efficiently, so they put up their banners and signs in Asheville, NC instead of hiring out services from outside companies.


If you don’t have your signs and clasps, you can order them from another company or use third parties for custom signs and clasps. However, if you’re willing to spend the money and know what kind of signs and clasps are available, this may be the right path.


The most popular signs for small businesses are the clasps. These clasps, which look like a metal hoop with a hook, are about three inches wide and four inches tall. They’re designed to be used in window openings or hung from the ceiling. They’re usually made of white plastic but can also be made from aluminum or metal.

banners and signs in Asheville, NC


There’s also a small selection of large signs that can be used outside your place of business. It’s recommended to hang these signs on street poles or other large structures so they can be seen by passing cars. This is a good idea if you want your business to stand out in traffic when someone sees it coming up ahead, but you don’t want to hang a sign that is too big or too heavy for the pole you choose.


A standard-sized sign about four feet high is perfect for this purpose, although some businesses opt to rent such signs instead of buying them. The material chosen for these large signs depends on the area where the company will be located: plastic may work if it won’t rust, aluminum works well in areas that tend to get rusty, and plastic doesn’t stick out so much from any pole as much as wood does when painted white does. Plastic is also more resistant to weather than wood, so it may last longer in an area with more regular weather changes.


The first step in setting up a sign for your business is to look for the most giant pole you can find and then buy a small sign that will be able to fit on it. As long as you start with the enormous pole you can see, you’ll be able to move up to larger sizes with yet another sign quickly. Make sure that any motion you buy is made of durable material; plastic or metal are both excellent choices and do not need painting as wooden signs do. More prominent signs are also available, but they may be more expensive than smaller models and not as portable in some cases. They also tend to weigh a bit more, so it’s important that the pole your choose for these large signs is sturdy enough to hold them safely.